I found this question on Quora.

Here’s my answer:

Do you mean The Truman Show the show or The Truman Show the movie as converted into a show?

The In-Universe Show

An actual show about a regular guy whose life is manufactured would be very boring. On the other hand, a lot of Norwegians and I like to watch this:

That’s 7+ hours of just riding a train from Bergen to Oslo.

It might be peaceful to have a familiar person just doing things in the background while you’re working. Maybe he’s making dinner or working on his car at the same time as you.

And whenever something interesting happens, that’s fun too.

The Serialized Truman Show Movie

I’d watch a show about a guy slowly figuring out that he’s in a TV show. I imagine it like this:

Season 1

Truman is a regular guy who starts to notice odd things going on. It drives him to the brink of madness then… “Tune In Next Season”.

Season 2

Truman’s life unravels as he loses spouse and friends. Then half-way through he figures it out and spends the rest of the season going to greater and greater lengths to make people admit it. The season ends where the movie ends, with Truman facing the darkened door to the truth.

Season 3

Truman finds it difficult to adapt to the real world. He’s lost all trust in the world and in people. What are they hiding from him? Maybe he’s still inside the show. Even the audience isn’t sure anymore.

And the rest of the seasons would have to be up to someone better at this than me.

The draw of the movie is that we all feel like Truman sometimes. Afraid that maybe too much of our life is lies. So the last seasons should stick to that theme but make it fresh. Maybe broaden it.

The hokey version would be that we find out that Earth is just a TV show for aliens. And since that’s probably what will happen, I guess this show just wouldn’t work. My bad, scrap it.